Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called “Halik”? It means “pimp” in Swedish!
The product was named after a famous Polish traveller and explorer – Tony Halik. BTW it also means “kiss” in Tagalog.

What languages and tools do you support?
Currently it’s IntelliJ IDE, Java, Kotlin (experimental) and Clojure (Experimental). Eclipse support is coming soon. There’s more remote plans for JavaScript, and Python (in this order). Check out the roadmap.

Wait… Are you uploading my debugging information and code to
No. Your sessions are stored locally in “~/.halik/sessions” directory. The code is served from your local filesystem.

If my session is stored locally how do I share it with others?
You can upload both your session and the source code to by using “Share” feature. You will find in the top right corner of Halik UI. It will always explicitly inform you which source files are being uploaded.

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